What if the ocean had more plastic than fish?


Our choices are transforming the ocean, lakes, and rivers


Plastic is now found in almost every marine habitat on Earth, and we’re producing more than we can sustainably manage.

A. Lusher, Microplastics in the marine environment: distribution, interactions and effects, Marine Anthropogenic Litter, 2015.

The Solution Is In Our Hands

  • Plastic bag waste
    Reusable bag alternative
    Take your tote bag shopping with you.
  • Plastic bottle waste
    Reusable bottle alternative
    Always bring your reusable bottle.
  • Plastic straw waste
    Reusable straw alternative
    Sip from a better straw.

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This summer, join your local aquarium in choosing alternatives over single-use plastic.

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About the Campaign

In Our Hands is a consumer campaign of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), a coalition of 19 U.S. aquariums taking action together to advance ocean and freshwater conservation. The partnership was founded by Monterey Bay Aquarium, National Aquarium, and Shedd Aquarium with the primary goal of reducing ocean and freshwater plastic pollution. We are using a mix of consumer, business, and policy strategies, starting with our own commitment to eliminate single-use plastic straws and bags in our aquariums, significantly reducing or eliminating single-use plastic beverage bottles by 2020, and providing innovative alternatives to single-use plastic for our visitors.